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Texas Tower Removal sells all quality used towers. Any and all towers and or guyed wires, that are not in good to excellent condition, are recycled the minute they come down.

Our Triangle, Guyed, and Rohn Towers range from 7 foot sections to 10 foot sections. Most of them are 9" or Our used guyed wires are all different sizes and lengths. All other used inventory is various sizes, shapes, and manufacturers.

Our inventory changes rapidly so we don't post pictures. If you want or need any type used tower, call or email for pricing and availability. Click Here to Request a Removal by Email. Call Texas Tower Removal Texas Tower Removal Fully Insured. Thursday, 16 April Texas Tower Removal Online since October 10, Doing It longer.

Doing It Better. For Consumers, Businesses, Tower Co. Take your tower down while you still can control the situation. This tower was no longer being used. When roofers want it done safe and quick they call Self supporting towers have gotten more common than guyed towers. The wind was about to blow over this 50 year old tower onto a house. Client call Texas Tower Removal before it fell. Surrounded by "Live" electric wires When safety is important Chevron wanted their tower taken down safely.

They chose Texas Tower Removal. Broadcast Towers. Cell Towers.Mast has 2" OD with top section at 1. Mast had been sand blasted and painted with cold galvanizing compound. Perfectly straight, in excellent condition.

Self-Supporting Towers

Can also arrange for shipping if need be. Buy pays for freight charge. Can need work. Email me what you have and your location. Should probably be within a few states of Virginia. Coax standoff arms and a new lower cable are included. I would sell the antenna separately before the tower sells. The DB covers 80 through 6 meters and there is a series Yaesu Rotor included. The tower is still standing near Bellingham WA and will have to be taken down and loaded on your trailer. We have access to a tip-over fixture and can assist with the disassembly as needed.

Contact Don, N7BT for further information. Can text pictures to serious parties and can deliver up to miles at a reasonable fee.

Three are used for the tripod portion, and then three extending 12 feet above the tripod. It has been painted camouflage green, to make it even more stealthy. It has never been left in the weather. It was taken back into the garage after each use, so it is really pristine. Pick up near Ocala FL is much preferred, although it can be shipped if needed. Shipping will be very expensive since it is oversize. I have for sale a 55 foot 3 section Motorized U.

Comes with instructions, base with the 3 mounting bolts,raising fixture, and remote control head with limit switches. On ground ready for pickup.Your JavaScript appears to be disabled. JavaScript is necessary for various functions, such as order checkout, to operate on this web site. Please ensure that JavaScript is enabled. Your web browser appears to be out of date. Soon you will not be able to create a secure connection to our web site using TLS 1.

Please upgrade your browser from current version. Learn more about TLS. At the heart of every successful radio installation is the antenna support structure, because there is no substitute for a radio antenna that has sufficient height! That is why DX Engineering offers easy shopping of an extensive selection of towers, masts and accessories with super-low freight costs that lead the industry.

DX Engineering stocks a huge supply of Phillystran guy lines, grips and a wide variety of tower guying hardware.

ham radio towers craigslist

We have many other tower sections, parts and accessories, including short and hinged tower bases, wall mounts, guy anchors, accessory shelves, thrust bearings and unique tower side mounts, to name only a few.

DX Engineering stocks our own exclusive 2 and 3 inch O. For the best selection of antenna support options with super-easy, online ordering, shop DX Engineering. ROHN towers use double-bolted joints, which have American Tower Company Amerite Tower Sections are a quality alternative to those supplied by other tower makers. The Americ ROHN 45G Tower Sections are true multi-use tower sections that provide excellent strength for applications up to ft.

They are manufactured from Order this product and get free delivery and handling on your entire order! Offer excludes truck freight fees. Valid on orders shipped in the contiguous United States.

Don't let travelling prevent you from enjoying your Guy bracket assemblies are used to properly attac Well known as the clas Yaesu Rotator Mast Bearings are used to secure rotating mast that is used for directional antennas.

These are also kno We do not sell email addresses or other private information. Privacy Policy.

ham radio towers craigslist

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Items in Cart 0. Search Within Results. Loading, Please Wait Towers At the heart of every successful radio installation is the antenna support structure, because there is no substitute for a radio antenna that has sufficient height! Featured Products.Individuals may post ads for used radio equipment and computer equipment intended to be used in amateur radio free of charge.

You should receive an email with instructions on how to edit your ad after you post it. It will be sent to the address in your profile. If you are using a SPAM blocker that requires a reply in order to accept email from this section, please be advised that we will not respond to it.

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ham radio towers craigslist

If you think you have been ripped off by another member of eHam. We recommend you start with the first two steps below, before following up on any others. To build the largest and most complete Amateur Radio community site on the Internet. This project involves a management team of volunteers who each take a topic of interest and manage it with passion.

The site will be something that everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part of. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Showing of 4, items. It is in excellent condition and is only sold as excess to my needs. It comes from a non smoking, no pet and no Covid 19 home. Asking From e-Mail : To:. Send Message.

For sale is a Mike shock mount for Heil and other Heil style microphones. List exactly what you are selling and for how much.

Self-Supporting Towers

Keep yours ads brief, please. Ads for new equipment, manufactured items or used equipment in quantity are subject to deletion as commercial posts. No ads on the behalf of others. No ads for eBay or other auctions. No copies of manuals or CDs. Original manuals only. Callsigns as user names must be valid. Ads with links to other websites for more details without so much as an asking price will be deleted.This book is in very good shape, no tears, stains or weird smells.

It is available in a nice, wrapped condition. The offer price is only. It is available at Delivered anywhere in USA Aluminum antenna tower for sale. You will receive 5 unused surplus 4ft long ribbed wall aluminum mast sections. Feedback positive feedback will be left to you automaticly when your feedback was received.

You have 3 days to contact me for a refund, A nice condition antenna tower is up for auction now. I am offering a price of Offer your price. It is in very good condition like shown in the pictures. Pick it up from Delivered Power tower very good condition. Asking price is Any question Please ask! New feet- antenna tower mast pole-4' ribbed. You are getting "6" of these used aluminum poles wi. Antenna tower for sale is still in fantastic shape.

Feel free to ask any questions. Asking pric Very good condition Toshiba 39" smart TVyou will receive 4 unused surplus 4ft long smooth wall aluminum mast sections. Toshiba 39" inch Smart TV with is in excellent condition.

Please check ver You will receive 4 unused surplus 4ft long ribbed wall aluminum mast sections. We are pleasure to exchange or refund if the items received are not as described or defective. Radio tower - machine embroidery design. Radio Tower - Machine for sale. Works and functions smoothly. Appears to be in good shape but has a fe Military used ribbed 4' aluminum antenna tower. Antenna tower mast poles 4ft fiberglass sections.

Just like our old game jenga that is adult size for your patio parties and bbq's. We will alert you by email as soon as there is a new ad available on our partner sites: eBay, Amazon, Catawiki…. Refine your search fm broadcast antenna. Sort by most relevant Sort by highest price first Sort by lowest price first Sort by newest results first Sort by oldest results first.

All Used New. More pictures. Details: antenna, tower, rohn, section, shape, pick, unless, winner, makes, shipping. See complete description.Crank up tower are dangerous. The customer shall take precaution with steel objects around power lines, digging holes, ought never place objects especially human inside of telescoping towers, and shall read and follow all instructions.

General communications, amateur radio, two-way radio, light cellular antennas, citizen band radio, television, cameras, and environmental monitoring instrument installation.

The towers are galvanized, hot-dipped, after fabrication in molten zinc so that tube legs are zinc coated inside the tubes as well as outside and completely covering all the steel tower.

Drain holes shall be kept clear. Hardware is hot dipped galvanized or Stainless Steel. No plated hardware is used.

Amateur (Ham) Radio Tower Install Tips

Welding is done in accordance with AWS D1. Welding rod and gas are selected to insure the highest ductility and to insure embrittlement does not accord during the galvanizing process. Certified AWS welders are used and they certification kept on file. The crank up towers meets the American Institute of Steel Construction standards for steel structures.

The concrete design meets the American Institute of Concrete requirement for concrete and reinforcement. H, as stated in the calculations.

Wind loading is dependent on the wind loading characteristics of whatever is installed on the tower antennas, lights, instruments, etc. Also, maximum expected sustained winds and wind gusts, and icing probabilities The foregoing factors should be considered when installing equipment on the tower. Home Contact History Photos Information. Temperance Ave. Fowler, CA Phone: Fax: Karl Tashjian is a licensed Registered Civil Engineer.

Website Design by Websites Depot.The slender design gives a clean, flagpole-like appearance. No guying is required when tower is properly bracketed to the eve of your roof. The MARB Series rotor base allows the entire tower and antenna to be rotated from the base rotor not included. This provides for easy rotor maintenance plus emergency hand rotation of the entire tower and antenna.

The MDP models provide motorized raising and lowering of the tower. A remote control unit RMC accessory is available to allows raising and lowering from your ham shack or other remote location.

All models without motor drives come standard with manual hand winches which have load actuated brakes for maximum safety. This feature prevents the winch from free-wheeling and causing injury to you or your installation in the event that you lose your grip during raising or lowering.

All welding is done by certified factory personnel. All of our towers are factory tested by trained personnel before leaving the plant. North Street Lincoln, KS Request a Quote. Description Specifications Description. Extended Height: 40 FT Min.

Data Sheet. Related Products. Fixed and Mobile Telescoping Towers. Communication Systems. Cell Towers. Mobile Elevated Platforms. Ham Radio and Antenna Towers. About Us.

Career Opportunities. Contact Us.

ham radio towers craigslist

Resources for Suppliers. Resources for Customers. Ham Radio Distributor Locations. Mobile Tower Trailers. Auto-Leveling Masts. Portable Towers. Tower Accessories. North Street Lincoln, KS sales ustower.

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