Super cub landing gear


I prefer one that is ready to install but will consider any thing that is economically repairable or better. What h This is a solid Beaver in good shape and due to Covid 19 it won't have the opportunity to serve in its normal capacity supporting a fishing lodge this season. Unfortunately, the overall result of this will be some operators going out of business or scaling back These straight floats always performed well and were tight.

Previously rigged for a CB and a C, but now do not include rig It's a new year and time to be preparing your aircraft for the summer flying season ofprojects large and small can be easily taking care of by your friends at Broken Wings Aviation llc, We perform Annuals, Modifications, Major repairs all in accordance w Excellent conditio Wanted: 29" Airstreak Tires.

Edo floats with Cessna gear. Freshwater floats with hatches. Located Whitehorse Yukon. Fully complete with pork chops, flying wires, cables, rudders, disassemble Set of 31in bush wheels on Cleveland 6 bolt wheels with 1. Low time on I bought this PA fuselage for my total r-build project.

But im changing detection and going "all-in" on a new one. This one,s very repairable. The TC 12BF is a fuselage in great shape, landing gear, motor mount, elivaders, rutter and horizonta Looking for wrecked, bent, old project aircraft and old parts inventorys Cash paid C Nice Kennon insulated engine cover for Aeronca Champ.

Black exterior, red interior, Experimental hp wide body cub 15 hrs tt.


Time will change we are working on flying off the 40 hrs. Call In my family for 51 years. Original Piper metal control surfaces Flaps and Ailerons. Removed form a PA Excellent condition. No repairs. Original paint. Sell all 4 together. These are for 1.Give your Maule a lift with this extended landing gear set. Comes complete with all required installation parts. Backcountry flying's not just for taildraggers, but it can take some doing to get your Cessna tri-gear outfitted for off runway operations.

This heavy duty nose fork is the place to start! Customize this PA right-side heavy duty landing gear to create the strongest, most versatile landing system for your Super Cub.

Customize this PA left-side heavy duty landing gear to create the strongest, most versatile landing system for your Super Cub. Wider heavy duty Piper Cub cabane vee with an additional four inches of extended reach. Our standard PA cabane vee with a heavy duty design. Includes all required bolts, nuts, washers, and pins for attaching gear to frame.

Ski-compatible bolt kit containing all required hardware for installing a new set of PA gear. View Your Cart. Cessna Heavy Duty Nose Fork Backcountry flying's not just for taildraggers, but it can take some doing to get your Cessna tri-gear outfitted for off runway operations. Maule Landing Gear Bolt Kit Includes all required bolts, nuts, washers, and pins for attaching gear to frame.

Choose a sub category:. Heavy Duty Landing Gear.In close to 40 years of production, over 9, [ citation needed ] were built. Super Cubs are commonly found in roles such as bush flyingbanner towing and glider towing. The high-lift wing and powerful engine made the Super Cub a prime candidate for conversion to either floatplane or skiplane.

In addition, the PAA an agricultural version was produced for applying either dry chemical or liquid spray. The Super Cub retained the basic " rag and tube " fabric stretched over a steel tube frame structure of the earlier J-3 Cub. These Cubs would take off in about feet at gross weight and land in about feet thanks to the flaps.

The Super Cub is renowned for its ability to take off and land in very short distances. The first Super Cubs were going to be offered with a unique four-wheel tandem main landing gear designed for landing and takeoff from rough terrain, but this was replaced with conventional landing gear.

The PA has developed a very dedicated following in the bush-flying community, and many modifications have been developed for it, to the point where it is quite rare to find an original, completely stock Super Cub. Modifications include extended baggage compartments reaching farther back into the fuselage, or even two-level baggage compartments in the top and bottom of the rear fuselageexternal luggage pods, fuel pods, lumber racks for carrying construction materials into unimproved bush runways.

Also the removal of header tanks, larger 24 or even 30 gallon wing fuel tanks, extended main landing gear for better ground clearance of the propeller, strengthened tailwheel springs, the addition of a small third passenger seat in the luggage area and lightweight generators and starters.

Also various different mount areas for the battery to move the weight forward, and reduce tail weight to shorten takeoff distancevarious different tailfin shapes to increase surface area, lengthened flaps, various wingtip designs, vortex generators on the leading edge of the wings, movement of the electrical panel from the right wing root to the dashboard to reduce fire hazard during a crash, and even the addition of a constant-speed propeller.

Above all, the most common modification is the addition of "bush wheels", large, soft, low pressure balloon-tires designed to absorb impacts from rocks and boulders, and to not sink into sand or other soft surfaces, ideal for off-runway landings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Backcountry BOSS

Single engine general aviation aircraft. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Federal Aviation Administration. Retrieved Piper aircraft. Taylor E-2 F-2 G-2 H Taylor J-2 Piper J J-4 Cub Coupe. Piper PA Super Cub.

super cub landing gear

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#690 1/4 Scale Piper Cub Landing Gear

Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 38 of Thread: Flat spring steel gear legs. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The price of the airsorbs is getting rediculous. I think I have their brochure from the s. They used C gear legs, and advertised!

super cub landing gear

Also Grove Aircraft has a one- piece gear from spring aluminum that has flown on banner tows. But you are converting a rugged Cub into a pavement- only machine. The torsion loads on these gear are quite high. Also the expense involved will exceed the cost of new hydrasorbs every five years until you croak. I know of someone who reportedly has new sets of flat spring gear available with STC either done or in progress. The persons name is Rick Schneider. I have seen them on a plane on my airstrip.

I have heard that the folks who own Airframes Alaska looked at them with some interest in purchasing the STC for addition to their stable of Cub mods.

I do not know what became of that. Their web site should provide a contact number and maybe they could provide better information or tell you how to contact the maker. Good luck. There is really nothing new about a spring gear on a SC, "Tinny" Headland noted cub builder Out in Illiamna Ak started building Cubs up with spring gear in the early 's, one of the first Ones I ever flew belonged to Non Dalton hunting guide Bob Tracy who had many years on stock Gear.

In those days 30" Airsteaks were the favorite flavor, Bob told me I wouldnt believe how they Worked and he was right, the amount of travel compared to a hydrasorb was amazing, he landed That 18 in places that were very far off the beaten pathin some very rough stuff on a daily basis!

I had a buddy with a GCBC that had Scout gear on it that we used to take one of my English Setters Up into the Talkettna Mts and hunt Ptarmigan in the winter on skis, we took turns whos plane we used, Landing into flat light in the excitement to get down and shoot after a covey was spottedyou often Wound up landing into drifts you would normally not land in. That gear worked vastly better than cub gear Because it can travel so much further.

Watching a ski out the window as we would hit those drifts It almost seamed like the skis were tilting up so far you were seeing the edge of the skis! I cant speak Of side loading it as the geometry of a single leg vs a triangle gear wouldnt add up.

The spring gear Was so different in the perceived "ride" from inside the airplane, it was unreal. Of course the gear legs Themselves and where it was attached was being subjected to tremendous forces. I think Tinny Just sorta copyed the Scout set up, and welded in some square tubes to mated up with the gear legs, On Bobs cub, he used it for years that way as far as I know, there was a few of them running around Out there back then.

Last edited by TurboBeaver; at AM. Spring gear sure makes a beautiful airplane fugly. Lol, wonder what a C would look like with Super Cub landing gear on it??? Now that's another way to do it???? Doug are those C gear legs??? I have no idea, it was a banner tow. I just thought, that was simple the way it was done.

I wouldnt want to land it off airport the way it was done there. I think Tinny Just sorta copyed the Scout set up, and welded in some square tubes to mated up with the gear legs" For sure. There have been many failures in some experimental designs when converting from bungee to spring gear.Remember Me?

What's New? Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: Landing gear question. Landing gear question From what I've read it is my understanding that the Supercub gear will fit on the carbon cub, which brings me to my question: Does the carbon cub use 1. If it uses 1.

Re: Landing gear question. Originally Posted by Ndill. From what I've read it is my understanding that the Supercub gear will fit on the carbon cub, which brings me to my question: Does the carbon cub use 1. Originally Posted by Pete D. If you so wanted, you could switch to the 1.

super cub landing gear

Keep in mind the E-LSA gear is built for Light Sport gross weight and you would be adding a little to your empty weight if you were to bolt on Super Cub 1. Pete D. Last edited by Ndill; at PM. Re: Landing gear question As far as I know you would have to switch out the caliper and disk as well.

The 1. Probably a little overkill for a typical Carbon Cub. I'm thinking your inquiring about 1. Re: Landing gear question The following is from another post I made that may be helpful. Yes that is 3" extended Dodge gear with 1. If it hadn't that one thing would have kept me from buying the kit. I have a set of Landes LW skis that I wanted to keep.

And with those skis there are some special fittings welded onto the gear that Landes will only weld on in their shop. So I bought new 3" Dodge gear through them with the fittings. I sold the 3" Cub Crafter gear to a friend in Billings. Since the Grove wheels that came with the kit were for 1. They were very good to work with and made an even trade with me for 1.

I'll use those wheels with 31" Bushwheels and the 8" tires in the images are on Clevelands. Re: Landing gear question Thanks for the info Dan.

Super Cub Kit Comparison

I had also wondered if you could use the 1. Re: Landing gear question Thanks for all the help folks, I've never owned or worked on either a Supercub or Carboncub so I'm kind of asking questions in the dark here. As far as I know you would have to switch out the caliper and disk as well.Backcountry Cubs makes a very traditional Super Cub complete with rounded wingtips.

This serves as the foundation for the highly modified Mackey SQ2 and a number of possible iterations in between, depending on what options the builder selects. In an age of knot homebuilts and fast-glass certified airplanes that seem to practically fly themselves, there remains a deep and abiding interest in unadorned, basic aviation—flying low and slow to places that are not served by large paved runways, or even any runways at all.

Such aviating is the province of the Super Cub and its ilk. It is no wonder that a host of airplane kits are available to meet this demand. These are heavier planes with gross weights ranging from to pounds and typically horsepower engines.

They do not struggle to carry two good-size adults and meager fuel, with no payload left for so much as a toothbrush. These aircraft carry a half-ton of fuel, gear and people to remote places with names like Kantishna, Cold Foot and Johnson Creek. With only one exception, these planes are recognizable as Super Cub variants, and they have all grown out of the hard-working Super Cubs that continue to ply the backcountry of the world as they have for the last 60 years.

After an extensive search, we found these kits worth considering for the would-be Super Cub builder. Bearhawk has its new Patrol, the least Cub-like of the group.

Custom Flight Ltd. Dakota Cubs also has two models, the Super and the Super Javron Inc. With all these choices, which one is right for you? Why should you consider one over another?

super cub landing gear

And why is there so much difference in the cost of the kits? All good questions. We hope to answer them for you. Flying into grass strips and pitching a tent makes the Super Cub experience complete. Here a standard Backcountry Super Cub is being used for just that purpose.For the time being, due to the current Coronavirus crisis, F. Atlee Dodge will be implementing some temporary changes to our business dealings:.

As always, we appreciate your business, and look forward to continuing to serve your aircraft needs as best as we can. We hope you all stay safe and well. If you fly, you know the name, F. Atlee Dodge. We are well known for our many modifications to Super Cubs and many other types of aircraft.

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We caution potential purchasers that it is in their best interest to contact the FAA before purchasing any non-approved parts if it is their intent to install such parts on certificated aircraft.

Our Mission. Our Products. Our Services. Dear F. Atlee Dodge will be implementing some temporary changes to our business dealings: Beginning on Friday, March 27, F. Atlee Dodge will be closed on Fridays at least through April We will remain open Monday thru Thursday, am until pm.

All courier services are suspended for the next 30 days. During business hours, items can be dropped off for repair using our new lock box. You will be contacted by phone for questions and discussions. Orders for new parts can be placed by phone or email, as always. We can accept debit and credit cards only for payment over the phone at this time.

Please call us from your vehicle to pick up your orders and repairs.

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